There’s no substitute for experience

What We Do

Provide experience and expertise to each commercial construction project, whether large or small, with an attention to detail, as well as our client’s budget and schedule.

From a light building/restaurant “refresh” to a “ground-up” restaurant or car dealership, The Charles Morgan Group is committed to giving each project the time and attention it deserves.

The Charles Morgan Group

Examples of some services The Morgan Group provides are:

  • Coordinate Client’s vision with architects, structural engineers and civil engineers
  • Meet with City officials to determine feasibility, requirements and permits needed
  • Attend City Council meetings, Planning and Zoning meetings, and meet with City Inspectors as needed
  • Bid project
  • Negotiate with subcontractors to meet client’s budget
  • Qualify subcontractors and obtain necessary insurance requirements
  • Provide professional & experienced site supervision and labor to successfully build or remodel client’s projects
  • Communicate with client throughout the construction process
  • Pay all subcontractors timely and obtain all necessary documentation
  • Provide on-site technology for our superintendents to communicate up-to-the-minute scope changes with administrative staff in the office
  • Value engineering to help reduce costs to clients
  • Pre-final, final, and followup inspections related to final store opening
  • Coordination of project turnover
  • Complete project closeout documentation
  • Provide the services necessary so that our clients can be successful

There’s No Substitute for Experience…